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What is CS2 Premier?

Counter Strike 2, or CS2, is known as the new version of the popular game CS:GO. Within this game, there is a competitive mode named Premier, which stands apart from the regular rank system. Premier, played in a 5v5 format, is presented as an alternative to CS2's classic rank system. The game's novelty has made the Premier mode increasingly popular among players. In this mode, the team that reaches the 13th round wins the match. Also, every player has a global rank in Premier mode, which is updated based on points earned or lost at the end of each match.

Advantages of Premier Duo Boost

Premier Duo Boost is a service aiming for players to enter duo matches with a booster while staying on their own accounts and enhance their Premier points. This service offers CS2 players the opportunity to rapidly and effectively elevate their ranks in the competitive Premier mode. Different from Premier Boost, in Duo Boost, the player pairs up with a booster while staying on their own account. This provides the player with the opportunity to observe their own performance. Thanks to our boosters being professional and experienced, players can benefit from a trustworthy and effective rank elevation service.

CS2 Premier Duo Boost with the AnkaEloBoost.com Difference

AnkaEloBoost.com is among the pioneering platforms offering CS2 Premier Duo Boost services. By working with us, you can not only elevate your competitive ranking but also improve your in-game skills and strategic thinking ability. Our boosters consist of experienced players who demonstrate high performance in CS2's Premier mode. This way, we provide the best service to our customers. At AnkaEloBoost.com, along with our Premier Duo Boost service, we also offer one-on-one training and consultation to players. This assists players in achieving prolonged success in the Premier mode.

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