LoL Placement Matches

If we can not provide guaranteed number of wins, we will give 3 net wins for each extra lose we get.

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LoL Placement Matches

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Placement Matches

Many of gamer's who play League of Legends dream is to join ranked maches. LoL gamers are aimed to reach the ranked system by joining ranked matches. However, in order to join ranked matches, there are certain rules to be obeyed. One of these rules is to have 30 level and to have at least 20 champions. If you have the features that is League of Legends required, you may start to join the ranked matches in order to reach the ranked system. The number of placement matches is 10. The gamer who has joined to 10 matches has the chance of starting Bronze or Gold leagues based on his or her number of winning. However, in some cases it is seen almost impossible to start from Platinum or Gold leagues. People who had been placed before and people who has joined ranked matches in the new season are placed based on their performance in the precious season. The people whose secret elo point is low may not be placed to the successful leagues. So that, if it is not the firs placcement of the gamer's, he or she may score good points in the new seasons, too. The people whose first placement begins are generally gain the chance of starting from Gold league if they win 7 of 10 matches. They gain to have the Gold league. In addition to that, after the placement match that the gamer joined, if he or she newer loses the match and win 10 – 12 game, the system will increase his or her league immediately. For example, if the gamer perform all the achievements that are required for Gold V, he or she would increse the league to the Gold III. In that point, the Anka Elo Boost came to the scene. Thanks to the LoL placement matches that Anka Elo Boost provides, the LoL gamers will have the chance of reaching the league they want.

LoL Placement Matches

Anka Elo Boost helps you when your league is reset and you need to play your first 10 matches. Thanks to this service, they help you to start from a good league. One of the professional LoL gamers who is included in the team of Anka Elo Boost, will direct your account and play on it. The league of your account in previous season may be Unranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand Master or Challenger. The type of the league may be normal or flexible. The order that is going to be created is accomplished in 1 – 2 days. The matches that are purchased are included by some guarantees. For people who purchase all of the 10 matches, it is guareenteed to have 7 winnings if the account has a league of higher than Diamond; and 8 winnings if the account has any other leagues. If the service can not accomplish the winnings for you, for each of the losing that is taken rather than winning, +3 net wins will be served by us (except Duo Boost). All the accounts that starts to game as Platinum 1, after the placement matches finished, will seen as successfully completed all the previous leagues. There are not kind of issue like extra league increasing. For your account, all the security rules are considered. None of the messages that are delivered to the account are answered. In the process of placement matches boost, the gamers who want to log in their own account have to inform us about that.

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