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What is TFT Win Boost

Win Boost is one of the most chosen boosting methods by the players recently. The feature that makes Win Boost more attractive than Elo Boost is that it is evaluated based on the number of matches lost instead of the number of matches played. To summarize, Win Boost guarantees that you will win matches in your account as much as the number of matches you purchase. However, in case of a defeat, two additional victories are taken for the defeat. Thus, there is a possibility that your account will get a higher elo than you planned. In Win Boost transactions, which are especially preferred by players who are on the relegation line and have accounts that are close to being promoted to the next league, each defeat increases the winning percentage of your account, as more victories will be achieved in the long run.

Is TFT Win Boost Safe?

In this case, it will be in the best interest of you and your account. In addition to what is written, you can contact our booster from your 'My Boost Details' page on your panel for any questions you may have, as in all our transactions, and you can get information about the boosting process carried out in your account.

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